• The literary and art form of Telugu ghazal
  • Human values and Indian Culture
  • International brother hood and World peace.
  • GCT believes "Hate the crime not criminals.
  • GCT raised funds to extend financial support to victims of Tsunami, Earth quake, Flood and other natural calamities.
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Human values and community service

GCT has been promoting human values by organizing concerts by Dr Ghazal Srinivas. Believing the apothegm “Hate the crime not criminals“; the GCT organized the concerts in all District and Central Prisons of Andhra Pradesh. These concerts are intended to bring out reforms in Prisoners. GCT conducts “manvatha viluvala chaitanaya Yatra” which means awareness tour on human values… in Educational Institutions, villages etc.

GCT has been extending support to Orphanages, Old age homes, pregnant women in rural areas, physically and mentally challenged people in every aspect.  GCT raised funds to extend financial support to victims of Tsunami, Earth quake, Flood and other natural calamities.  The Poor Artists were extensively benefitted by the flood relief fund, raised by GCT.

Srikakulam, a north costal district of Andhrapradesh is well known for its backwardness. Some villages of Sompet and Palasa constituencies witnessed severe problem of kidney diseases. The contaminated water in this region caused the dreadful illness to the villagers. GCT along with its chairman Dr. Gazal Srinivas visited the effected villages and interacted with the victims. GCT has adopted these two constituencies. The Chairman of GCT, Dr.Gazal Srinivas has been coordinating in international level to resolve this dreadful trouble. He’s been motivating NRI’s of Srikakulam district to support this cause. GCT has already setup 5 water purification plants by spending Rs 40 lakhs.

Nalgoda, a district in Andhrapradesh has more number of flourosis hit villages. Nearly 500 villages in this district are affected by the high fluorine content in water. It is estimated that nearly 1 million people are affected by flourosis. Some parts of Guntur and Sattenapally areas are also severely affected by this disease. It pitiable that the baby in the mother’s womb will also get affected by this disease. The effect of this illness may cause physical deficiency and sometimes victims get retarded mentally.

GCT in coordination with Help India International  had visited the flourosis hit villages. To create awareness on this disease and to give an expression to the pains and sufferings of the victims, GCT released a heart rending song.

Moved by the fate of the sufferers, Dr.Srinivas pledged himself to fight against the flourosis. As a result, GCT adopted 10 villages  effected by Fluorosis  in Suryapet constituency.GCT already established a water purification plant in Seethamma Thanda in Dhipahad mandal. This step helped nearly 35 Tribal thandas to get purified water for drinking.

Farmers feed the society. Unfortunately natural calamities wreak havoc on them. Drought or floods whatever it is, the farmers suffer a lot. In the trials and tribulations the frustrated farmers resorted to commit suicides. GCT strongly believes that ‘Annadata’(farmer) is a living God. To boost his morality, GCT released an audio album  called “Annadhaatha sukkheebhava” sung by Dr Ghazal Srinivas. For all intents and hopes, this album is to power them with a ray of hope midst desperate times.

GCT strongly believes that rural health is to be improved drastically. To create awareness among the rural folk, GCT has been organizing Medical and Health Camps in Rural villages and schools to help the poorest of the poor and also strived to create health awareness. All these camps are being conducted in association with IMA,  Lions, Rotary and other NGOs. GCT has been distributing Tri Cycles to physically challenged for years with the help of  Prestigious LANCO-LIGHT Organization