• The literary and art form of Telugu ghazal
  • Human values and Indian Culture
  • International brother hood and World peace.
  • GCT believes "Hate the crime not criminals.
  • GCT raised funds to extend financial support to victims of Tsunami, Earth quake, Flood and other natural calamities.
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International Brother Hood and World Peace

GCT believes “Peace” is the Path for Humanity. GCT has been doing tremendous service activities for establishing the peace in the world. GCT played a key role by extending its support to the1538 KM long Peace walk that was organized from Delhi to Multan (Pakistan). This prestigious walk leads by Dr sandeep Pandey and Dr Ghazal Srinivas in the year 2005. GCT extended total support to “Peace Mission in Lahore” in 2006 by giving financial aid to peace activists for their domestic expenses. Dr Ghazal srinivas  audio album Shathi yatra, launched by then president of India, APJ Abdul Kalam. The album was dedicated to Indo-Pak peace process.

GCT organized Peace mission to Afghanistan by their chairman Dr Srinivas to spread the Gandhian peace message in 2009 with the support of Maiwand Bank of Afghanistan and KAM Airlines of Afghanistan. GCT also working on world peace by joining hands with peace forums like Masood Foundation, awaam awaaz, Pak peace forum, Asha etc.

To promote the doctrine of  Mahatma Gandhiji,GCT  had produced audio and video albums on world peace, melodiously rendered by Dr Ghazal Srinivas. They are Satyagraha Shandesh yatra, Shanthi Yatra in Urdu, Doosti-Soul in Dari, Pashtho, Balochi languages, etc. The audio album “Satyagraha Yatra” was released by UPA chairperson Smt Sonia Gandhiji at Deogarh Bheareay in Gujarat.

GCT supported Dr Ghazal Srinivas’s three hat-trick Guinness world record attempts to propagate Gandhian philosophy to sing in 125 Global world languages in live a concerts and also make an audio album “The path of Mahatma Gandhi” in the years 2008, 2009. GCT completely sponsored the “Yuva chaitanya Yatra -55 Ghazal concerts in 24 hours -” by Dr Ghazal Srinivas in Educational Institutions at Narsapur, BHimavaram and Palakol in the year 2010. This effort was the Dr Srinivas’s third and Hattrick Guinness Record.